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I wanna share some icons I made a few weeks ago. Because OMG Bleak House is the awesomeness!! And don't get me started on Gillian lol

5 Bleak House

17 X-Files: Scully

7.      9.     13.

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It's been almost a year, and what a busy year! Seems like between studying for my finals last spring, finishing school and crashing my computer (and in the process losing everything) last summer, starting university last fall and the everyday-drama that is my life, I totally forgot to update my livejournal. Now that I have more time, I'll start updating again. I also realized that I don't really know all people on my friendslist, so I will work on getting to know everybody.

So let's start with a new layout because let's face it, I couldn't not make a Gillian related layout at least once....

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the weekend was great! I spent most of it at zurich mainstation. yeah, I know, weird. lol. but there is a good reason for that. they had this big beach volleyball tournament there and my fav swiss beach volleyball team heuscher/kobel was there. and it was amazing! patrick heuscher was just great!!! they played real good and got the 3. place. I also managed to take some great pictures. did I mention that I love that team. lol. maybe I'll upload soem of the pics when I get back from Barcelona. right, I'll be in Barcelona for the rest of the week with a few classmates. I'm sure it will be a hell of a lot fun!

anyway,[ profile] lilchelles, I promise you'll get the icon tutorial when I get back. I just didn't have time this weekend to do it.

so I'm off now watching reruns of x-files!

cya in a few days!

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58 General Hospital icons (...rexis, female characters, pairings...)

13 the Pretender


38. 44. 54. 


icons(...general hospital, the pretender...) )

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it's been a while again. why can't I keep updating more often?! life's been busy. I should be preparing for my final exams in july. but knowing me I won't start studying before the very last minute *lol*. I'm bad, I know. but I can't motivate myself to study. other than that the holidays have been great for me. expect that I do spend to much money. but hell, I worked last week so now I certainly deserve to spend a little money.

I've been to the cinema twice last week. once to see the interprete which I love. and the other time to see hide and seek and let me tell you I'll never ever play hide and seek with my child (no, I don't have children yet *lol*). I didn't think I would like hide and seek that much but I did even though I was scared to death. dakota fanning is one amazingly talented little girl. and I really liked robert de niro and famke janssen. a friends managed to talk me into going to watch kingdom of heaven next friday. I don't really know what to expect from that movie.

so now on to my gh rant:

my happiness about having alexis and little kristina back is dulled by how much of a bastard sonny is. I really can't find anything to like about him anymore. he treats everyone so badly. what bugs me the most is that he uses kristina to get carly free. I totally agree, it was more than stupid of alexis to take kristina out of the country. but sonny shows no real interest in his child. he doesn't even mention her absence until he sees a way to use her to get what he wants. he doesn't want custody because he has any real interest in her but because he can use her. and who cares for the feelings of this little girl?!?! who cares what it will do to the child not being with her mother?!?! she is obviously happy with her mother. so just leave her there, will ya!! I swear, somtimes the writers of gh are just ....... (no words)!!!!!

but keeping the positive thinking, I'm looking forward to seeing some great rexis scenes tomorrow (they better have some great scenes. otherwise I will be severly pissed!).

and what can I say about nucarly. I don't hate her but I certainly don't like her either. it bugs me that she looks so much like tamara, especially her hair. and she tries to intimitate her too much. she gotta find her own way. I'm willing to give her a chance at doing just that. I miss tamara, though. just when I started to like carly (when not in scenes with alexis) and especially carlo, tamara leaves. now I'm back at not liking carly again.

so lately more and more people have gone spoiler-free. and I totally understand them. with what I heard lately, I just can't take any more spoilers or rumors! just leave me alone with it. I'll worry when I see it happen on the show. before that I'll just try my best not to hear any new spoilers! so yes, I'm going spoiler-free as well. I can do it with lost and desperate housewives. so I'll surely be able to do it with gh. I'm still struggling with csi. I guess I'll never be able to be spoiler-free with that show *lol*.

on a brighter note: I wanna thank thümy for her wonderful bday card. Ich habe mich total über die karte gefreut. danke viel mals, honey!! *knuddeldrück*

okay, enough talking. I'll post the new icons in a seperate entry.

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long time no writing. guess school still keeps me pretty busy. I just wanted to post my new icons. Later this evening I'll also post some fanarts if I have time before I have to go. me and some friends are going out.


44 General Hospital

02 the Pretender

12 Earth 2


02. 10. 40. 

( icons (...general hospital, pretender, earth 2...) ) )

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I was so bored with my old layout. so I decided to change it.
it's x-files of course since my love for it never dies!
credit in my profile.
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I want my x-files back!!!!!!! *cries*

new icons (15 x-files)


03. 06.


icons (...x-files...) )

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I don't have a lot of time, so I'm going to make this quick. I just wanted to share some icons with you. I hope you like them.


05. 18. 24. 31.


icons ( gh, oc, x-files) )

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wow! I was so busy that I totally forgot to update! well, life has been okay. school still sucks. and my computer is giving me the hardest time. other than that everything is fine. I'm going to this ball tonight. I wonder how that will turn out. but I'm sure my friends and I will have the greatest time. lol! so yeah, enough of that.

I have tons of new icons. some I like others I absolutely hate. but well...

39. General Hospital

08. OC

11.  27.  24. 

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kay, forgot to add the new wallpaper. it's another General Hospital piece. and of course it's Rexis again. I'll never tire of them!!! lol

the way I am

credit goes to:



Rural Art



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I have some more icons! I just love making them.

okay, I'll go back to studying for school. god, how I hate it! only half a year until it's over! YAY!


credit goes to:

Rural Art


[ profile] teh_indy

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new layout

Jan. 16th, 2005 12:59 pm
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finally finished my new layout! It didn't quite turn out like I imagined. But I kinda like it. I had a lot of fun making it. lmao! I hope you all like it.
Credit for my new layout can be found in my profile.

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first day of school for me after 2 and a half weeks of holidays! and it started like shit! it's just so fucking boring! and I got back my biology exam and don't even ask how it was!! and I had this big headache the whole day!

anyway, after seeing Zsazsa's amazing icons I had to try to make some too. they're not nearly as good as hers but hey, I tried. and they're of course General Hospital. like I've been doing something else lately lol.

since I love Zsazsa's icons so much I decided to use one of hers. so all credit for my new lj icon goes to her!

to the icons )

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kay, lol. this is my first entry. I feel a little stupid. lol. but it is fun!

first I wanna say that the layout isn't finished yet. there are many things I want to change. but figuring out how to do it may take me a while. Also I do wanna make a new layout as soon as possible. this one seems kinda boring.

second I wanna share my latest fanart. my layout is based on it.

so uhhhh, school starts tomorrow and the next 3 weeks will be hell for me. exam after exam!

kay, enough rambling for today
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