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Fandom babbling about CSI and Grey's Anatomy

I started watching CSI again. I haven't seen one single episode of Season 6 (except for some clips of certain scenes). I got interested again because I wanted to see how the Grissom/Sara romance will play out. At the time I used to watch CSI GSR was my one and only ship. But I would never have wanted them together before the show's end. I just don't like my ships to become canon before the end. I like my UST or the dancing around each other or the angst of a pairing. And making a couple canon has all kinds of disadvantages and really takes the spark right out of it. I think I can count on one hand the well done romances on TV.
That being said, I think they're handling it okay. I like that Grissom and Sara getting together is not made a focus of the show nor really mentioned.
Also, YoBling is kinda growing on me, too. I always liked them because let's face it, Warrick is hot. And yeah, they are
cute together. But it never was a ship I read fanfics or watched fanvids of. Maybe that will change now.

Overall the 7x01, 7x02 and 7x03 weren't that great, not bad but just not very good either. The cases weren't really interesting. It really came as no surprise to me that Grey's won the premiere-ratingsbattle against CSI. Let's hope it will get better

The only thing worth mentioning IMO is Marg Helgenberger who did an amazing job with the rape storyline. She showed that yes, she can really act, which I just didn't notice that much until now (maybe because I didn't care much about Catherine as a character before). Shame on me. I just wish they'd stuck with that storyline and not gone with the 'Lindsey being kidnapped and Daddy being shot' storylines. Even though again Marg did a great job, it was just too much. It was as if they were trying to find out how much CatherineDrama they would be able to squeeze in two episodes.
Oh, and I almost forgot, how cute was Nick/Cath dancing?!?!! Really, loved it. And loved the song, too. Will have to
download it later (as soon as I find out the name of the song).

I still like the characters and that will maybe be the reason why I will stick around for the next few episodes.

Grey's Anatomy
Still rocks!
Still ADORE Addison. She is so much love! And I'm so happy she's finally free of McAss. Flashbacks are teh love
too because Kate and Patrick sure know how to act the angst/drama card.
Still don't like Derek ONE BIT, tough.
Still seem to have my happy love/hate relationship with Meredith. Do I like you or do I not, hmm, little Meredith? I simply
cannot decide. But it's for sure that in scenes with McAss you annoy the heck out of me.
Still love Cristina and Cristina/Burke.
Still think McSteamy should be mine and mine alone. And yay for Mark/Addie. If I can't get Alex/Addison (which would be all kinds of
hot but will most likely only ever exist in my mind), Addie sure as hell should go to hot, steamy Mark for some loving.
Loved the Derek/Meredith/Finn dream. That was hot. It would have been much hotter with Mark/Addison/Alex but never mind.
And Izzie made me cry and made me wanna give her millions of hugs.

As for my personal life... I'm not doing anything except sleep, watch TV or hang around because I am still sick. Which really pisses me off because I wanted to go shopping before the new semester at Uni starts, but nooooo I had to get sick. Life just isn't fair

Date: 2006-10-13 04:27 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The songs in CSI were "waiting on the world to change" and "slow dancing in a burning room" from John Mayer's new album "Continuum) ;)
The Nick/Cath dancng was too cute! Loved that!
I just started watching this summer and immediately loved Cath/Marg and Warrick/Gary so yes LOL I'm into Yobling. Great couple!

I'm not really sick but have a cold (throat hurts, sneezing and all that jazz) so not feeling great either.
Hope you'll feel better soon!
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