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I saw The DaVinci Code and X-Men: The Last Stand  last week. Some thoughts (spoilerish if you haven't seen the movies):

The DaVinci Code:

The critics were rather harsh on this movie so I went to see it with little expectation and maybe
that's why I wasn't disappointed. Many people didn't like that the movie followed the book rather closely. I really didn't
mind that at all.
All in all, a good movie. It wasn't the best movie that I've ever seen but certainly no waste of money.

The good:
- I loved, LOVED Ian McKellen as Teabing. He was funny and evil and altogether great. Ian rocks my world!
 I doesn't matter who he plays, he is always brilliant!
- I also liked the casting of Sophie. I didn't know Audrey Tautou before but I think she did a great job even though sometimes she
seemed a little too naive.
- Silas! Gosh, that guy freaked me out. Really, really scary. I'm pretty sure in the book he had red eyes (correct me if
I'm wrong) but the blue eyes worked totally.

The bad:
- I think it was way too fast for people who haven't read the book. The viewer hardly had time to deal with the new information.
- Tom Hanks! Sorry, just wrong. So not how I pictured Langdom! Would it have killed them to cast someone with a little
more sex-appeal?!?!

X-Men: The Last Stand

I have been waiting for this movie for so long! Really, I was all kinds of excited about it.
That being said, I was kinda disappointed. It was supposed to be this cool, wonderful, great movie that would rock me.
And it just wasn't. It was good when it could have been great. 

The good:
- It's X-Men. That in itself makes it teh cool.
- Magneto losing his power and becoming all human. I felt so sad for him. I think he would have rather died than lose his
- Logan killing Jean in the end. I know it's cliché but hell, it made my shipperheart ache.
- I really liked Warren. The wings are teh pretty.
- And to remain on the shallow side: Logan/Jean was teh hot!!

The bad:
- It just felt so rushed all the time. Bang - Scott's dead (and nevermind, don't mourn, ya all, just get on with your lives).
Bang - Xavier's dead (okay, at least he got an funeral).
- The Phoenix plot was supposed to be this super cool storyline! I expected so much from this (and not just because
I adore Jean) and got almost nothing. Seriously, Jean/Phoenix did nothing but kill people.
- Why the hell were Scott and Rogue even in the movie? We got to see like 5 minutes of Scott before he died. And don't get 
me started on Rogue. She could have gotten a great storyline. Instead she got nothing.

Okay, this sounded like I hated the movie. I didn't! I really liked it. It was good. I enjoyed it. I would recommend it.
But it doesn't really stand out and it wasn't as good as part1 & 2.

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