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Because seriously, that show makes me laugh and cry like no TV Show has in a very, very long time. I really don't know what it is about this show.
Maybe it's the oh so beautiful relationship between Tess and Claire, two half sisters who haven't seen each other since they were children.
Maybe it's the hotness of Aaron Jeffery and his portrayal of the incredibly awesome Alex Ryan who I confess I would marry immediatly.
Maybe it's my new OTP Alex/Claire and their wonderful relationship as friends and later on as lovers.
Maybe it's the theme of a couple of women running a ranch all on their own.
Maybe it's because it portrays life on a ranch so realistically.
Or maybe it's the awesome characters, the wonderful script and the humour.
I really don't know. Either way, it's always a joy to watch. I adore it big time!

I was so sad to see Lisa Chappell leave (yeah, Season 4 just started airing here). Her Claire was an integral part of the show and my favorite character. Her death was one of the most tragic and sad things ever on TV. The last time I really sobbed like that because of a TV Show was when The X-Files ended.
I felt sad for Alex who had finally found his one true love, was even ready to marry her and had to lose her so soon.
I felt sad for BOM who would never have her mother around her while growing up.
But most of all, I felt sad for Tess who had found her beloved sister again only to lose her after 3 years.
Tess' speech at Claire's funeral shattered my heart in thousand pieces. I really, really felt her loss.

That said the show went on, with a new character joining the women of the ranch. Stevie is kinda cool and mysterious. I really like her but she is no Claire. So while the show still is one of the best I've ever seen, it will never be the same without Claire.


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